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WD 172 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
To Insert a Building Block
At the end of the next sentence in the body of the cover letter, you want the prospective employer name,
Juniper Culinary Academy, to be displayed. Recall that earlier in this chapter, you created a building block name of
jca for Juniper Culinary Academy. Thus, you will type the building block name and then instruct Word to replace
the building block name with the stored building block entry of Juniper Culinary Academy. The following steps
insert a building block.
Press the SPACEBAR .
Type As indicated
on the enclosed
resume, I have
the credentials
you are seeking
and believe I
can be a valuable
asset to jca
as shown in
Figure 3–36.
beginning of
next sentence
building block
name for Juniper
Culinary Academy
Figure 3–36
Press the F 3 key to
instruct word to
replace the building
block name (jca)
with the stored
building block entry
(Juniper Culinary
stored building block entry
inserted in document
Press the PERIOD key
(Figure 3–37).
Figure 3–37
Other Ways
1. Click Quick Parts button
on Insert tab, click
desired building block
Building Blocks vs. AutoCorrect
In Project 2, you learned how to use the AutoCorrect feature, which enables you to
insert and create AutoCorrect entries, similarly to how you created and inserted building
blocks in this chapter. The difference between an AutoCorrect entry and a building block
entry is that the AutoCorrect feature makes corrections for you automatically as soon as you
press the SPACEBAR or type a punctuation mark, whereas you must instruct Word to insert a
building block. That is, you enter the building block name and then press the F 3 key, or click
the Quick Parts button and select the building block from the list.
To Enter a Paragraph
The next step in creating the cover letter is to enter a paragraph of text.
1 Press the ENTER key twice to place a blank line between paragraphs, according to the
guidelines of the modifi ed block letter style.
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