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Creating a Cover Letter WD 173
2 Type I recently received my bachelor’s degree in culinary arts from
Nevada Culinary Institute. The following table outlines my areas of
3 Press the ENTER key twice.
The next step in composing the cover letter is to place a table listing the number of
credit hours for areas of concentration (shown in Figure 3–1 on page WD 147). A Word
table is a collection of rows and columns. The intersection of a row and a column is called
a cell , and cells are fi lled with text.
The fi rst step in creating a table is to insert an empty table into the document.
When inserting a table, you must specify the total number of rows and columns required,
which is called the dimension of the table. The table in this project has two columns. You
often do not know the total number of rows in a table. Thus, many Word users create one
row initially and then add more rows as needed. In Word, the fi rst number in a dimension
is the number of columns, and the second is the number of rows. For example, in Word, a
1 (pronounced “two by one”) table consists of two columns and one row.
To Insert an Empty Table
The next step is to insert an empty table in the cover letter. The following steps insert a table with two
columns and one row at the location of the insertion point.
Click the Table
button on the Insert
tab to display the
Table gallery.
Insert tab
Bubble height
One line bubbles - 1p1
Two-line bubbles - 1p8
Three-line bubbles - 2p3
Four-line bubbles - 2p10
COMP: Make sure arrows
are pointing precisely where
the Art MS indicates - they
cannot even be slightly off
Table button
pointing to a cell on the
grid allows you to select the
desired table dimension
dimension of
selected cells
in grid
Point to various
cells on the grid to
see a preview of
the table in the
document window.
mouse pointer
Table gallery
Position the mouse
pointer on the cell
in the fi rst row and
second column of
the grid to preview
the desired table
(Figure 3–38).
blank line
paragraph entered
live preview of
2 x 1 table appears
at location of
insertion point
Figure 3–38
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