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WD 174 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Click the cell in the
fi rst row and second
column of the grid
to insert an empty
table with one row
and two columns
in the document
(Figure 3–39).
Table Tools tab, which
has two subordinate
tabs, automatically
appears because a
table is selected in the
document window
What are the small
circles in the
table cells?
Each table cell has
an end-of-cell mark ,
which is a formatting
mark that assists
you with selecting
and formatting cells.
Similarly, each row
has an end-of-row
mark , which you can
use to add columns
to the right of a
table. Recall that
formatting marks
do not print on a
hard copy. The
end-of-cell marks
currently are
left-aligned, that
is, positioned at
the left edge of
each cell.
when the insertion point is in
a table, the ruler shows the
boundaries and width of each
column in the table
insertion point in
fi rst cell (row 1
and column 1)
end-of-cell marks
end-of-row mark
empty table
Figure 3–39
Other Ways
1. Click Table on Insert tab,
click Insert Table on Table
gallery, enter number of
columns and rows, click OK
To Enter Data in a Table
The next step is to enter data in the cells of the empty table. The data you enter in a cell wordwraps just as
text wordwraps between the margins of a document. To place data in a cell, you click the cell and then type.
To advance rightward from one cell to the next, press the TAB key. When you are at the rightmost cell in a
row, press the TAB key to move to the fi rst cell in the next row; do not press the ENTER key. The ENTER key is used
to begin a new paragraph within a cell. One way to add new rows to a table is to press the TAB key when the insertion
point is positioned in the bottom-right corner cell of the table. The next steps enter data in the table, adding rows
as necessary.
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