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WD 178 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Click AutoFit Contents on the
AutoFit menu, so that Word
automatically adjusts the widths
of the columns based on the text
in the table (Figure 3–45).
Can I resize columns manually?
Yes, you can drag a column
boundary , the border to the right
of a column, until the column is
the desired width. Similarly, you
can resize a row by dragging the
row boundary , the border at the
bottom of a row, until the row is
the desired height. You also can
resize the entire table by dragging
the table resize handle , which is
a small square that appears when
you point to a corner of the table
(shown in Figure 3–46).
columns resized
to table contents
Figure 3–45
Other Ways
1. Right-click table, point to
AutoFit on shortcut menu,
click AutoFit to Contents
2. Double-click column
Selecting Table Contents
When working with tables, you may need to select the contents of cells, rows,
columns, or the entire table. Table 3–3 identifi es ways to select various items in a table.
Table 3–3 Selecting Items in a Table
Item to Select
Click left edge of cell
Click border at top of column
Multiple cells, rows, or columns adjacent to one
Drag through cells, rows, or columns
Multiple cells, rows, or columns not adjacent to one
Select fi rst cell, row, or column and then hold down
CTRL key while selecting next cell, row, or column
Next cell
Press TAB key
Previous cell
Click to left of row
Tab Character
In a table, the TAB key
advances the insertion
point from one cell to the
next in a table. To insert
a tab character in a cell,
you must press CTRL + TAB .
Click table move handle
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