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Creating a Cover Letter WD 179
To Select a Table
When you fi rst create a table, it is left-aligned, that is, fl ush with the left margin. In this cover letter, the table
should be centered. To center a table, you fi rst select the entire table.
Position the mouse pointer in
the table so that the table move
handle appears.
transparent Mini
toolbar appears when
table is selected
entire table
Click the table move handle to
select the entire table (Figure 3–46).
table move
handle behind
mouse pointer
table resize
Figure 3–46
Other Ways
1. Click Select button on
Layout tab, click Select
Table on Select menu
To Center a Selected Table
The following steps center the selected table between the margins.
1 Move the mouse pointer into the Mini toolbar, so that the toolbar changes to a bright
For simple tables, such
as the one just created,
Word users often select
the table dimension in
the grid to create the
table. For more complex
tables, such as one with
a varying number of
columns per row, Word
has a Draw Table feature
that allows users to draw
a table in the document
using a pencil pointer.
To use this feature, click
Table on the Insert tab
and then click Draw
2 Click the Center button on the Mini toolbar to center the selected table between the left
and right margins (Figure 3–47).
When should I use the Mini toolbar versus the Ribbon?
If the command you want to use is not on the currently displayed tab on the Ribbon and
it is available on the Mini toolbar, use the Mini toolbar instead of switching to a different
tab. This technique minimizes mouse movement.
How would I center the contents of the table cells instead of the entire table?
If you wanted to center the contents of the cells, you would select the cells by dragging
through them and then click the Center button.
table centered
between page
Center button
Figure 3–47
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