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WD 188 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Move the mouse pointer into the
transparent Mini toolbar, so that it
changes to a bright toolbar.
Font Color
Click the Bold button on the Mini
toolbar to bold the selected name.
Click the Font Color button on
the Mini toolbar to change the
font color of the selected name to
the most recently used font color,
which was the color of the name
in the cover letter (Figure 3–60).
Instead of using buttons on the
Mini toolbar, can I use the Bold
and Font Color buttons on the
Home tab?
Figure 3–60
To Save the Resume
Windows Taskbar
If your Windows taskbar
does not display a separate
program button for each
open Word document (as
shown in Figure 3-61),
click the Offi ce Button,
click the Word Options
button, click Advanced
in the left pane, scroll to
the Display area in the
right pane, place a check
mark in the Show all
windows in the Taskbar
check box, and then click
the OK button.
You have completed several tasks on the resume. Thus, you should save it in a fi le.
1 Display the Offi ce Button menu and then click Save As to display the Save As dialog box.
2 Save the fi le on your USB fl ash drive using Canaan Resume as the fi le name.
Copying and Pasting
The next step in personalizing the resume is to enter the address, phone, and e-mail
information in the content controls. One way to enter this information in the resume is to
type it. Recall, however, that you already typed this information in the cover letter. Thus,
a timesaving alternative would be to use the Offi ce Clipboard to copy it from the cover
letter to the resume. The Offi ce Clipboard is a temporary storage area that holds up to
24 items (text or graphics) copied from any Offi ce program.
Through the Offi ce Clipboard, you can copy multiple items from any Offi ce document
and then paste them into the same or another Offi ce document by following these general
1. Items are copied from a source document . If the source document is not the active
document, display it in the document window.
2. Display the Offi ce Clipboard task pane and then copy items from the source document
to the Offi ce Clipboard.
3. Items are copied to a destination document . If the destination document is not
the active document, display the destination document in the document window.
4. Paste items from the Offi ce Clipboard to the destination document.
The following pages use these guidelines to copy the address, phone, and e-mail
information from the letterhead to the resume.
The Windows Clipboard,
which can hold only one
item at a time, is not
the same as the Offi ce
Clipboard. When you
collect multiple items
on the Offi ce Clipboard,
however, the last copied
item is copied to the
Windows Clipboard as
well. When you clear
the Offi ce Clipboard, the
Windows Clipboard also
is cleared.
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