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Using a Template to Create a Resume WD 189
To Switch from One Open Document to Another
The step below switches from the open resume document to the open cover letter document, which is the
source document in this case.
Click the Canaan
Cover Letter -
Microsoft Word
program button on
the Windows taskbar
to switch from the
resume document
to the cover letter
(Figure 3–61).
Canaan Cover
Letter document
window is active
Canaan Resume –
Microsoft Word program
button indicates resume
fi le still is open
Canaan Cover Letter
– Microsoft Word
program button
taskbar shows
names of open
Word document
Figure 3–61
Other Ways
1. Click Switch Windows
button on View tab, click
document name
2. Press ALT+TAB
To Copy Items to the Offi ce Clipboard
You can copy multiple items to the Offi ce Clipboard through the Clipboard task pane and then paste them later. The
following steps copy three items from the source document, the Canaan Cover Letter document, to the Offi ce Clipboard.
If necessary, scroll to
the top of the cover
letter, so that the
items to be copied
are visible in the
document window.
Home tab
task pane
Dialog Box
Click the Clipboard
Dialog Box Launcher
on the Home tab to
display the Clipboard
task pane.
Clear All button
empties contents
of Offi ce
If the Offi ce
Clipboard in the
Clipboard task pane
is not empty, click
the Clear All button
in the Clipboard task
pane (Figure 3–62).
items to be copied
to Offi ce Clipboard
Offi ce
Offi ce Clipboard icon appears in
notifi cation area on Windows taskbar,
indicating Offi ce Clipboard is displayed
in at least one open Offi ce program
Figure 3–62
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