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Using a Template to Create a Resume WD 191
To Paste from the Offi ce Clipboard
The next step is to paste the copied items (the address, phone, and e-mail information) into the destination
document, in this case, the resume document. Recall that the address, phone, and e-mail address are part of content
controls in the resume.
The following steps paste the address, phone, and e-mail information from the Offi ce Clipboard into
the resume.
Click the Canaan Resume -
Microsoft Word program button
on the Windows taskbar to
display the resume document.
Does the destination document
have to be a different document?
No. The source and
destination documents
can be the same
resume document
window is displayed
Dialog Box
task pane
Paste All
If the Clipboard
task pane is not
displayed on the
screen, click the
Clipboard Dialog
Box Launcher on the Home tab to
display the Clipboard task pane.
content control
entries in Offi ce
Click the content control in the
resume with the instruction,
Type your address, to select it
(Figure 3–65).
What is the function of the Paste
All button?
It pastes all items in a row, without
any characters between them, at
the location of the insertion point
or selection.
Canaan Resume –
Microsoft Word
program button
Figure 3–65
Clipboard Task Pane
The Clipboard task pane may appear on
the screen if you click the Copy button or
the Cut button twice in succession, or if
you copy and paste an item and then copy
another item. You can display the Clipboard
task pane by clicking the Offi ce Clipboard
icon, if it appears in the notifi cation area
on the Windows taskbar. If the Offi ce
Clipboard icon does not appear, click
the Options button at the bottom of the
Clipboard task pane and then click Show
Offi ce Clipboard Icon on Taskbar.
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