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Using a Template to Create a Resume WD 195
Type Food Planning and
Preparation and then press
Type Food Safety and then
press SHIFT + ENTER .
Type Nutrition and then press
all fi ve entered
lines considered
one paragraph
Type Regional and
International Cuisine
as the last entry. Do not press
SHIFT + ENTER at the end of
this line (Figure 3–72).
line break
Figure 3–72
Line Break Character
Line break characters do
not print. A line break
character is a formatting
mark that indicates a
line break at the end of
the line.
To Change Spacing Below Paragraphs
The blank paragraph below the Education section has spacing after (below) of 6 point.
You do not want space below this paragraph because you want enough room for all the
resume text. The following steps change the spacing after to 0 point.
1 Position the insertion point in the paragraph to be adjusted, in this case, the paragraph
mark below the Education section on the resume.
2 Display the Page Layout tab.
3 Click the Spacing After box down arrow on the Page Layout tab as many times as
necessary until 0 pt is displayed in the Spacing After box (Figure 3–73).
Spacing After
changed to 0 pt
space below
paragraph removed
Figure 3–73
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