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WD 198 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
To Insert a Building Block Using the Quick Parts Gallery
In this resume, the Experience section contains two jobs. The template, however, inserted content controls for
only one job. Word has defi ned the sections and subsections of the resume in the building blocks, which you can
insert in the document. In this case, you want to insert the Experience Subsection building block. The following
steps insert a building block.
Scroll to display the
Experience section
at the top of the
document window.
Quick Parts
Insert tab
Position the
insertion point
on the paragraph
mark below the
fi rst job entry.
Display the Insert tab.
Click the Quick Parts
button on the Insert
tab and then scroll
through the Quick
Parts gallery until
Experience Subsection
is displayed
(Figure 3–76).
Subsection to
be selected
Figure 3–76
Click the Experience
Subsection to insert
the building block
in the document at
the location of the
insertion point.
building block
Press the DELETE
key to remove the
extra paragraph
mark inserted with
the building block
(Figure 3–77).
extra paragraph
mark deleted
Figure 3–77
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