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WD 200 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
To Sort Paragraphs
The next step is to alphabetize the paragraphs in the Skills section of the resume. In Word, you can arrange
paragraphs in alphabetic, numeric, or date order based on the fi rst character in each paragraph. Ordering characters
in this manner is called sorting . The following steps sort paragraphs.
Drag through the
paragraphs to be
sorted, in this case,
the list of skills.
Sort button
Home tab
Sort Text
dialog box
Display the
Home tab.
Click the Sort button
on the Home tab
to display the Sort
Text dialog box
(Figure 3–79).
What does
ascending mean?
Ascending means to
sort in alphabetic,
numeric or
date order.
paragraphs to
be sorted are
OK button
Click the OK button to
close the dialog box and instruct Word to alphabetize the selected paragraphs.
Figure 3–79
To Insert Another Building Block
The last section of the resume is the Community Service section. No building block
exists for this section; however, the format of the Reference Section building block is the
same format you would like for the Community Service section. Thus, you will insert the
Reference Section building block and modify its text. The following steps insert a building block.
1 Position the insertion point on the line below the Skills
section on the resume. Display the Insert tab. Click the
Quick Parts button on the Insert tab and then scroll
through the Quick Parts gallery until Reference Section
is displayed. Click Reference Section to insert the building
block in the document at the location of the insertion
point (Figure 3–80).
2 Press the BACKSPACE key to remove the extra blank line
inserted with the building block.
blank line to
be deleted
Figure 3–80
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