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Using a Template to Create a Resume WD 201
To Enter and Format the Community Service Section
The next step is to select content controls in the section just inserted in the resume
and replace its instructions with community service information.
1 Change the title, References, to Community Service.
2 Display the Page Layout tab. With the insertion point
in the paragraph to be adjusted (Community Service
heading), change the Spacing Before to 12 point.
entered and
3 In the last content control, type Prepare food and
serve meals at Hope Mission every week.
4 With the insertion point in the paragraph to be
adjusted, in this case, the community services
paragraph, change Spacing After to 0 point (Figure 3–81).
Figure 3–81
5 If the document fl ows to a second page, reduce the space
after internal paragraphs so that it fi ts on a single page.
To Change Theme Colors
The cover letter created earlier in this chapter used the Urban color scheme.
Because you will be mailing the resume along with the cover letter, you decide also to use
the Urban color scheme for the resume. The following step changes theme colors.
1 Display the Home tab. Click the Change Styles button on the Home tab, point to Colors on
the Change Styles menu, and then click Urban in the Colors gallery to change the document
theme colors to Urban.
To Print Preview a Document
To see exactly how a document will look when you print it, you could display it in print preview. Print preview
displays the entire document in reduced size on the Word screen. In print preview, you can edit and format text,
adjust margins, view multiple pages, reduce the document to fi t on a single page, and print the document. The
following steps view and print the resume in print preview.
Click the Offi ce Button and then
point to Print on the Offi ce Button
menu (Figure 3–82).
Offi ce
Print submenu
Print Preview
Figure 3–82
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