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WD 202 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Click Print Preview
on the Print submenu
to display the
document in print
preview (Figure 3–83).
Close Print
Preview button
Click the Print
button on the
Print Preview tab
and then click the
OK button in the
Print dialog box to
print the resume, as
shown in Figure 3–2
on page WD 148.
resume in print
preview shows Urban
color scheme
Click the Close Print
Preview button on
the Print Preview
tab to redisplay the
resume in the
document window.
Figure 3–83
To Change Document Properties and Save Again
Print Preview
If you want to display
two pages in print
preview, click the Two
Pages button on the
Print Preview tab. With
the Magnifi er check box
on the Print Preview tab
selected, you can click in
the document to zoom
in or out. Magnifying a
page does not affect the
printed document. To
edit a document, remove
the check mark from the
Magnifi er check box and
then edit the text. If a
document spills onto a
second page by a line or
two, click the Shrink One
Page button and Word
will try to fi t all content
on a single page.
Before saving the resume a fi nal time, you want to add your name, course and
section, and some keywords as document properties. The following steps use the Document
Information Panel to change document properties and then save the document again.
1 Display the Offi ce Button menu, point to Prepare on the Offi ce Button menu, and then
click Properties on the Prepare submenu to display the Document Information Panel.
2 Enter your name in the Author text box. Enter your course and section in the Subject text
box. Enter the text, resume, in the Keywords text box.
3 Close the Document Information Panel.
4 Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previous Canaan
Resume fi le on the USB fl ash drive.
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