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Addressing and Printing Envelopes and Mailing Labels WD 203
Addressing and Printing Envelopes
and Mailing Labels
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With Word, you can print address information on an envelope or on a mailing label.
Computer-printed addresses look more professional than handwritten ones. Thus, the
following steps address and print an envelope.
To Address and Print an Envelope
Switch to the cover letter by
clicking its program button on
the Windows taskbar.
inside address
Close the Clipboard task pane.
Scroll through the cover letter to
display the inside address in the
document window.
Drag through the inside address
to select it (Figure 3–84).
cover letter
is active
Figure 3–84
Click Mailings on the Ribbon to display the Mailings tab.
Mailings tab
and Labels
dialog box
Click the Envelopes button on the Mailings tab to display
the Envelopes and Labels dialog box.
If necessary, click the Envelopes tab in the dialog box.
Labels tab
Click the Return address text box.
Type Lana Halima Canaan and then press the
ENTER key.
Envelopes tab
delivery address
copied from
selected text
Type 22 Fifth Street and then press the ENTER key.
Type Juniper, NV 89268 (Figure 3–85).
Feed area
Insert an envelope into your printer, as shown in the
Feed area of the dialog box (your Feed area may
be different depending on your printer).
return address
Click the Print button in the Envelopes and Labels
dialog box to print the envelope.
If a dialog box is displayed, click the No button.
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Figure 3–85
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