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WD 206 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Apply Your Knowledge continued
Perform the following tasks:
1. In the line containing the table title, Monthly Club Table, remove the tab stop at the 1" mark on
the ruler.
2. Set a centered tab at the 3.25" mark on the ruler.
3. Bold the characters in the title. Increase their font size to 14. Change their color to Red, Accent 2,
Darker 25%.
4. Add a new row to the bottom of the table. In the fi rst cell of the new row, type Total as the entry.
Enter these values in the next four cells: January – 542.68; February – 472.67; April – 525.58.
5. Delete the row containing the Duplicating Fees expenses.
6. Insert a column between the February and April columns. Fill in the column as follows: Column
Title – March; Decorations – 74.43; Postage – 40.19; Computer Supplies – 72.50; Paper
Supplies – 38.82; Food/Beverages – 55.43; Hall Rental – 120.00; Total – 401.37.
7. In the Design tab, remove the check mark from the Banded Rows check box. Place a check mark
in the Total Row check box. The three check boxes that should have check marks are Header Row,
Total Row, and First Column. Apply the Medium Grid 3 - Accent 1 style to the table.
8. Make all columns as wide as their contents (AutoFit Contents).
9. Center the table between the left and right margins of the page.
10. Change the document properties, as specifi ed by your instructor.
11. Click the Offi ce Button and then click Save As. Save the document using the fi le name, Apply 3-1
Expenses Table Modifi ed.
12. Print the document properties.
13. Print the revised table, shown in Figure 3–86.
Extend Your Knowledge
Extend the skills you learned in this chapter and experiment with new skills. You may need to
use Help to complete the assignment.
Working with Pictures, Symbols, Borders, and Tables
Instructions: Start Word. Open the document, Extend 3-1 Club Letter Draft, from the Data Files for
Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data Files for
Students, or contact your instructor for information on accessing the required fi les.
You will fl ip the clip art, insert symbols, add a decorative border, add totals to the table, modify
the table style, and print mailing labels.
Perform the following tasks:
1. Use Help to learn about rotating objects, inserting symbols, working with borders, entering
formulas, and printing mailing labels.
2. Flip the image in the letterhead horizontally so that the fruit faces toward the middle of the letter
instead of toward the margin.
3. In the letterhead, replace the asterisk characters that separate the address, phone, and e-mail
information with a symbol in one of the Wingdings fonts (Figure 3–87).
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