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WD 208 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Make It Right
Analyze a document and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Formatting a Business Letter
Instructions: Start Word. Open the document, Make It Right 3-1 Cover Letter Draft, from the Data
Files for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions on downloading the Data
Files for Students, or contact your instructor for information on accessing the required fi les.
The document is a cover letter that is missing elements and formatted incorrectly (Figure 3–88).
You are to insert and format clip art in the letterhead, change the color of the text and graphic, change
the letter style from block to modifi ed block, and format the table.
change color of
text in letterhead
insert and
format a clip art
image here
change style of
letter from block
to modifi ed block
format the table
Figure 3–88
Perform the following tasks:
1. Locate and insert an appropriate clip art image. If you have access to the Internet, use one from
the Web. Resize the graphic, if necessary.
2. Change the color of the text in the letterhead. Recolor the graphic to match the color of the text.
Format one color in the graphic as transparent.
3. The letter currently is the block letter style. It should be the modifi ed block letter style. Format
the appropriate paragraphs by setting custom tab stops and then positioning those paragraphs at
the tab stops. Be sure to position the insertion point in the paragraph before setting the tab stop.
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