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Output devices make the information resulting from processing available for use. The output from
computers can be presented in many forms, such as a printed report or displaying it on a screen.
When a computer is used for processing tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, or database
management, the two output devices more commonly used are the printer and a display device.
A dot-matrix printer is
capable of handling
wide paper and
printing multipart
forms. It produces
printed images when
tiny pins strike an
inked ribbon.
Printers used with computers are impact or nonimpact. An impact printer prints by striking an
inked ribbon against the paper. One type of impact printer used with personal computers is the
dot-matrix printer (Figure 10).
Nonimpact printers , such as ink-jet printers (Figure 11) and laser printers (Figure 12), form
characters by means other than striking a ribbon against paper. One advantage of using a
nonimpact printer is that it can print higher-quality text and graphics than an impact printer,
such as the dot-matrix. Nonimpact printers also do a better job of printing different fonts, are
quieter, and can print in color. The popular and affordable ink-jet printer forms a character or
graphic by using a nozzle that sprays tiny drops of ink onto the page.
Ink-jet printers produce text and graphics in both black and
white and color on a variety of paper types and sizes. Some ink-jet
printers, called photo printers , produce photo-quality pictures
and are ideal for home or small-business use. The speed of an
inkjet printer is measured by the number of pages per minute (ppm)
it can print. Most ink-jet printers print from 6 to 33 pages per
minute. Graphics and colors print at the slower rate.
A laser printer (Figure 12) is a high-speed, high-quality nonimpact
printer that employs copier-machine technology. It converts data
from the computer into a beam of light that is focused on a
photoconductor drum, forming the images to be printed. Laser printers
can cost from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for
the home and small office user, to hundreds of thousands of dollars
for large business users. Generally, the more expensive the laser
printer, the more pages it can print per minute.
continuous-form paper
FIGURE 11 Ink-jet printers are a popular type of color printer used in
the home. Many photo printers, which can produce photo-lab quality
pictures, use ink-jet technology.
FIGURE 12 Laser printers, which are available
in both black and white and color, are used with
personal computers, as well as larger computers.
color laser printer
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