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Cases and Places WD 213
Cases and Places
Apply your creative thinking and problem solving skills to design and implement a solution.
1: Create a Fax Cover Sheet from a Template
Your boss has asked you to send a fax that includes a fax cover sheet. In the New Document dialog box,
click Installed Templates in the Templates pane and then click Equity Fax in the Installed Templates
list. Click in each area to enter the following information in the fax cover sheet: the fax is from your
boss, Max Henreich; the fax should go to Shirelle Bradley; her fax number is (317) 555-0922; the fax
contains three pages; and the phone is (317) 555-1350. Use today’s date for the date. The Re: area
should contain the following text: Site visit materials. Leave the CC: fi eld blank. The For Review
check box should be checked, and your boss wants the following comment on the cover sheet: Here are
the notes for tomorrow’s site visit.
2: Create this Chapter’s Resume Using a Different Template
Information can look and be perceived completely differently simply by virtue of the way it is
presented. Take the resume created in this chapter and create it using a different template. For
example, try the Equity, Median, Oreil, or Urban Resume template in the Installed Templates list.
Make sure each section of the resume in this chapter is presented in the new document. You may need
to rename or delete sections and add building blocks. Open the resume you created in this chapter and
use the copy and paste commands to simplify entering the text. Select a theme you like best for the
fi nished resume.
•• 3: Create a Memo Using a Template from the Web
As assistant director of programs at a local park, you are responsible for soliciting ideas from
employees regarding future programs and activities. In the New Document dialog box, click Memos
in the Microsoft Offi ce Online area to create a memo. Select a template you like. Use the following
information to complete the memo: the memo should go to all staff members; the meeting will be
held in room A42 on March 14, 2008 at 3:00 p.m.; attendees should be prepared to discuss their ideas
for spring and summer activities; and attendance is mandatory. Mention that if anyone is to be on
vacation or unavailable, he or she should contact you prior to the meeting to arrange for submission of
activities lists.
•• 4: Create Your Resume and Cover Letter for a Potential Job
Make It Personal
Assume you are graduating this semester and need to fi nd a job immediately after graduation. Check
a local newspaper or online employment source to fi nd an advertisement for a job relating to your
major or a job for which you believe you are qualifi ed. Use the techniques you learned in this chapter
to create your resume and a cover letter. Tailor your cover letter and your resume to fi t the job
description. Make sure you include an objective, education, and work experience section. Also include
any other pertinent sections. Use the copy and paste commands to copy your name and address
information from one document to the other.
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