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WD 214 Word Chapter 3 Creating a Cover Letter and a Resume
Cases and Places continued
•• 5: Create a Memo Using a Template from the Web
Working Together
As active members of your school’s Travel and Leisure Club, you have been assigned the task of
publicizing the club’s upcoming activities and soliciting new memberships. Assign each team member
one of the following tasks: create a calendar listing various club activities for a three-month period,
including any scheduled trips, parties, or meetings; design an award or certifi cate for excellence or
other recognition presented to your club by another campus group; compose a letter of thanks from
a past member; and create an invitation to join the Travel and Leisure Club. Visit Microsoft Offi ce
Online to obtain templates for awards and certifi cates, calendars, and invitations. Then, as a group,
write a cover letter soliciting memberships and listing the reasons why students should join the club.
Include a table or bulleted list similar to those used in this chapter. Make the package attractive and
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