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Word Web Feature Creating a Web Page Using Word
Saving a Word Document as a Web Page
Once you have created a Word document, you can save it as a Web page so that it can be
published and then viewed in a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer. When you save a
fi le as a Web page, Word converts the contents of the document into HTML (hypertext
markup language), which is a language that browsers can interpret. Some of Word’s
formatting features are not supported by Web pages. Thus, your Web page may look slightly
different from the original Word document.
When saving a document as a Web page, you have three choices in Word:
• The single fi le Web page format saves all of the components of the Web page in a
single fi le that has an .mht extension. This format is particularly useful for e-mailing
documents in HTML format.
• The Web Page format saves some of the components of the Web page in a folder,
separate from the Web page. This format is useful if you need access to the individual
components, such as images, that make up the Web page.
• The fi ltered Web Page format saves the fi le in Web page format and then reduces
the size of the fi le by removing specifi c Microsoft Offi ce formats. This format is
useful if you want to speed up the time it takes to download a Web page that contains
many graphics, video, audio, or animations.
The Web page in this feature uses the single fi le Web page format.
Saving as a Web Page
Because you might not
have access to a Web
server, the Web page you
create in this feature is
saved on a USB fl ash
drive rather than to a
Web server.
To Save a Word Document as a Web Page
The following steps save the resume created in Chapter 3 as a Web page. If you are stepping through this
feature on a computer, you will need the resume document named Canaan Resume that was created in Chapter 3. (If
you did not create the resume, see your instructor for a copy of it.)
Start Word and then
open the fi le named
Canaan Resume
created in Chapter 3.
Offi ce
Save As
Canaan Resume
With the resume fi le
open in the
document window, click
the Offi ce Button
and then point to
Save As on the Offi ce
Button menu to
display the Save As
submenu (Figure 2).
Save As
Other Formats command
to be selected
Figure 2
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