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WD 220
Word Web Feature Creating a Web Page Using Word
Formatting a Web Page
In this feature, the e-mail address on the Canaan Resume Web page is formatted as a
hyperlink. Also, the background color of the Web page is blue. The following sections
modify the Web page to include these enhancements.
To Format Text as a Hyperlink
The e-mail address in the resume Web page should be formatted as a hyperlink. When a Web page visitor
clicks the hyperlink-formatted e-mail address, his or her e-mail program starts automatically and displays an e-mail
window with the e-mail address already fi lled in (shown in Figure 1b on page WD 217). The following steps format
the e-mail address as a hyperlink.
Select the e-mail address
(, in this case).
Insert tab
Insert Hyperlink
Display the Insert tab.
Insert Hyperlink
dialog box
Click the Insert Hyperlink button on
the Insert tab to display the Insert
Hyperlink dialog box (Figure 5).
Click E-mail Address in the Link to
bar so that the dialog box displays
e-mail address settings instead of
Web page settings.
In the ‘Text to display’ text box,
if necessary, type lhc@world.
net , which specifi es the text that
shows on the screen for the
Figure 5
e-mail address
entered twice
Set Hyperlink
ScreenTip dialog box
Click the E-mail address text box
and then type to
specify the e-mail address that the
Web browser uses when a user
clicks the hyperlink.
as soon as you begin
typing the e-mail address,
Word inserts mailto: in
front of the address
Click the ScreenTip button to
display the Set Hyperlink
ScreenTip dialog box.
OK button
In the text box, type Send
e-mail message to Lana
Halima Canaan , which is the text
that will be displayed when a user
points to the hyperlink (Figure 6).
E-mail Address
OK button
Figure 6
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