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Formatting a Web Page WD 221
Click the OK button in each dialog
box to format the e-mail address
as a hyperlink (Figure 7).
How do I know if the
hyperlink works?
In Word, you can test the
hyperlink by holding down the
CTRL key while clicking the
hyperlink. In this case,
CTRL +clicking the e-mail address
should open an e-mail window. If
you need to make a change to the
hyperlink, right-click it and then click
Edit Hyperlink on the shortcut menu.
e-mail address
formatted as a hyperlink
Figure 7
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected text, click
Hyperlink on shortcut menu
2. Select text, press CTRL + K
To Add a Background Color
The next step is to add background color to the Web page so that it looks more eye-catching. Select a
color that best represents your personality. This Web page uses a light shade of blue. The following steps add a
background color.
Display the Page Layout tab.
Click the Page Color button on
the Page Layout tab to display the
Page Color gallery.
Layout tab
Page Color
Page Color
color to be
background color changes,
showing a live preview of
the color to which you are
pointing in gallery
Point to the sixth color in the
second row (Ice Blue, Accent 2,
Lighter 80%) to display a live
preview of the background
color (Figure 8).
Point to various colors in the
Page Color gallery and watch
the background color change
in the document window.
Fill Effects
Click the sixth color in the second
row to change the background
color to a light shade of blue.
Figure 8
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