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COM 10
Display Devices
A display device is an output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video information.
A monitor is a display device that is packaged as a separate unit. Two basic types of monitors
are the flat panel monitor and CRT. The LCD monitor , the most popular type of flat panel
monitor, shown on the left in Figure 13, uses a liquid display crystal, similar to a digital watch, to
produce images on the screen. Flat panel monitors take up much less desk space and have gained
significant popularity over the past few years. The television-like CRT cathode ray tube ) (
tor is shown on the right in Figure 13. The surface of the screen of either a CRT monitor or LCD
monitor is composed of individual picture elements called pixels . A screen set to a resolution of
800 x 600 pixels has a total of 480,000 pixels. Each pixel can be illuminated to form parts of a
character or graphic shape on the screen.
Mobile computers such as notebook computers and Tablet PCs, and mobile device such as
PDAs, portable media players, and smart phones, have built-in LCD screens (Figure 14).
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FIGURE 13 The flat-panel LCD monitor (left), and the CRT monitor (right) are used with desktop
computers. The LCD monitor is thin, lightweight, and far more popular today than the CRT monitor.
FIGURE 14 Notebook computers, Tablet PCs, ultra personal computers, portable media players, and most PDAs and smart phones
have color LCD screens.
ultra personal computer
Tablet PC
notebook computer
smart phone
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