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WD 222
Word Web Feature Creating a Web Page Using Word
To Add a Pattern Fill Effect to a Background
When you changed the background color in the previous steps, Word placed a solid background color on the
screen. For this resume Web page, the solid background color is a little too intense. To soften the background color,
you can add patterns to it. The following steps add a pattern to the blue background.
Click the Page Color button on
the Page Layout tab (shown in
Figure 8 on the previous page)
to display the Page Color
gallery again.
Pattern tab
Fill Effects
dialog box
Click Fill Effects in the Page Color
gallery (shown in Figure 8) to
display the Fill Effects dialog box.
Click the Pattern tab to display the
Pattern sheet in the dialog box.
name of
selected pattern
Click the Outlined diamond
pattern (rightmost pattern in the
fi fth row) to select it (Figure 9).
OK button
Figure 9
outlined diamond
pattern softens up
the background
Click the OK button to add the
outlined diamond pattern to the
blue background color (Figure 10).
Figure 10
To Save an Existing Document and Quit Word
Background Colors
When you change the
background color, it
appears only on-screen
and in documents, such
as Web pages, that are
viewed online. Changing
the background color has
no effect on a printed
The Web page document now is complete. The following steps save the document
again and quit Word.
1 Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to overwrite the previous Canaan
Resume Web Page fi le on the USB fl ash drive.
2 Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar to quit Word.
Testing the Web Page
After creating and saving a Web page, you will want to test it in at least one browser to be
sure it looks and works the way you intended.
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