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Project — Worksheet with an Embedded Chart EX 5
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Walk and Rock Music
First Quarter Rock-It MP3 Sales
$ 99,999.99
$ 99,999.99
$ 99,999.99
$ 99,999.99
$ 99,999.99
$ 99,999.99
Legend of
Product Types
Southeast Midwest
Figure 1–3
2. Determine the contents for rows and columns. Rows typically contain information that
is analogous to items in a list, such as the products sold by a company. Columns typically
contain descriptive information about items in rows or contain information that helps to
group the data in the worksheet, such as company regions.
3. Determine the calculations that are needed. You can decide to total data in a variety of
ways, such as across rows or in columns. You also can include a grand total.
4. Determine where to save the workbook. You can store a workbook permanently, or save
it, on a variety of storage media including a hard disk, USB fl ash drive, or CD. You also
can indicate a specifi c location on the storage media for saving the workbook.
5. Identify how to format various elements of the worksheet. The overall appearance of
a worksheet signifi cantly affects its ability to communicate clearly. Examples of how you
can modify the appearance, or format , of text include changing its shape, size, color, and
position on the worksheet.
6. Decide on the type of chart needed. Excel includes the capability of creating many
different types of charts, such as bar charts and pie charts. Each chart type relays a different
message about the data in the worksheet. Choose a chart type that relays the message
that you want to convey.
7. Establish where to position and how to format the chart. The position and format of the
chart should command the attention of the intended audience. If possible, position the
chart so that it prints with the worksheet data on a single page.
When necessary, more specifi c details concerning the above guidelines are presented at
appropriate points in the chapter. The chapter also will identify the actions performed and
decisions made regarding these guidelines during the creation of the worksheet shown in
Figure 1–1 on page EX 2.
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