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The Excel Workbook EX 7
Close button
Click Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007
to start Excel and display a new
blank workbook titled Book1 in the
Excel window (Figure 1–5).
title bar
title of blank
workbook is
Maximize button
changed to Restore
Down button because
window is maximized
If the Excel window is not maximized,
click the Maximize button next to
the Close button on its title bar to
maximize the window.
If the worksheet window in Excel is
not maximized, click the Maximize
button next to the Close button
on its title bar to maximize the
worksheet window within Excel.
What is a maximized window?
A maximized window fi lls the entire
screen. When you maximize a
window, the Maximize button
changes to a Restore Down button.
When you restore a maximized
window, the window returns to its
previous size and the Restore Down
button changes to a Maximize button.
Windows taskbar
displays Microsoft
Excel program
button, indicating
Excel is running
Figure 1–5
Other Ways
1. Double-click Excel 2007
icon on desktop, if one
is present
2. Click Microsoft Offi ce
Excel 2007 on Start menu
The Excel Workbook
The Excel window consists of a variety of components to make your work more effi cient and
worksheets more professional. These include the document window, Ribbon, Mini toolbar
and shortcut menus, Quick Access Toolbar, and Offi ce Button. Some of these components are
common to other Microsoft Offi ce 2007 programs; others are unique to Excel.
When Excel starts, it creates a new blank workbook, called Book1. The workbook
(Figure 1–6) is like a notebook. Inside the workbook are sheets, each of which is called a
worksheet . Excel opens a new workbook with three worksheets.
If necessary, you can add additional worksheets as long as your computer has enough
memory to accommodate them. Each worksheet has a sheet name that appears on a sheet
tab at the bottom of the workbook. For example, Sheet1 is the name of the active worksheet
displayed in the Book1 workbook. If you click the sheet tab labeled Sheet2, Excel displays
the Sheet2 worksheet. The project in this chapter uses only the Sheet1 worksheet.
Excel Help
Help with Excel is no
further away than the
Help button on the right
side of the Ribbon. Click
the Help button, type
help in the ‘Type words
to search for’ box, and
then press the ENTER key.
Excel responds with a list
of topics you can click to
learn about obtaining
Help on any Excel-related
topic. To fi nd out what is
new in Excel 2007, type
what is new in Excel in
the ‘Type words to search
for’ box.
The Worksheet
The worksheet is organized into a rectangular grid containing vertical columns and
horizontal rows. A column letter above the grid, also called the column heading , identifi es each
column. A row number on the left side of the grid, also called the row heading , identifi es
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