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Worksheet Window EX 11
Some commands on the
Ribbon display an image to help you
remember their function. When you
point to a command on the Ribbon,
all or part of the command glows in
shades of yellow and orange, and an
Enhanced ScreenTip appears on the
screen. An Enhanced ScreenTip
is an on-screen note that provides
the name of the command, available
keyboard shortcut(s), a description
of the command, and sometimes
instructions for how to obtain Help
about the command (Figure 1–10).
Enhanced ScreenTips are more
detailed than a typical ScreenTip ,
which usually displays only the name
of the command.
The lower-right corner of
some groups on the Ribbon has
a small arrow, called a Dialog
Box Launcher , that when clicked
displays a dialog box or a task pane
(Figure 1–11). A dialog box
contains additional commands
and options for the group. When
presented with a dialog box, you
make selections and must close the
dialog box before returning to the
worksheet. A task pane , by contrast,
is a window that contains additional
commands and can stay open and
visible while you work on the worksheet.
clicking Themes
button displays
as you move mouse
pointer from one gallery
option to next, Excel
shows preview of style
in document, so you can
decide whether you want
to select option
worksheet style changes
to Foundry as you point to
that style in the gallery
Figure 1–9
mouse pointer
on Paste
button arrow
image of clipboard
helps to identify
Paste button
ScreenTip for Paste
button arrow
Figure 1–10
clicking Dialog Box
Launcher in Font group
displays Format Cells
dialog box
clicking Dialog Box
Launcher in Clipboard
group displays
Clipboard task pane
Format Cells
dialog box
task pane
Figure 1–11
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