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EX 14
Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Offi ce Button
While the Ribbon is a control center for creating worksheets, the Offi ce Button is
a central location for managing and sharing workbooks. When you click the Offi ce Button,
located in the upper-left corner of the window, Excel displays the Offi ce Button menu
(Figure 1–15). A menu contains a list of commands.
list of recent Excel
workbooks will
appear here
Offi ce Button
clicking command
with no arrow to
its right will display
dialog box
Offi ce Button
Figure 1–15
When you click the New, Open, Save As, and Print commands on the Offi ce
Button menu, Excel displays a dialog box with additional options. The Save As, Print,
Prepare, Send, and Publish commands have an arrow to their right. If you point to a
button that includes an arrow, Excel displays a submenu , which is a list of additional
commands associated with the selected command (Figure 1–16). For the Prepare, Send,
and Publish commands that do not display a dialog box when clicked, you can point
either to the command or the arrow to display the submenu.
pointing to command
with arrow causes
a submenu to be
for commands that
contain an arrow,
pointing to command
or to arrow causes
submenu to be
Figure 1–16
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