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Entering Text EX 15
Key Tips
If you prefer using the keyboard, instead of the mouse, you can press the ALT key on
the keyboard to display a Key Tip badge , or keyboard code icon, for certain commands
(Figure 1–17). To select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter, or
Key Tip . When you press a Key Tip, additional Key Tips related to the selected
command appear. For example, to select the New command on the Offi ce Button menu, press
the ALT key, then press the F key, then press the N key.
Key Tip badges
appear when
you press ALT
key on keyboard
Figure 1–17
To remove the Key Tip badges from the screen, press the ALT key or the ESC key
on the keyboard until all Key Tip badges disappear or click the mouse anywhere in the
Excel window.
Selecting a Cell
Selecting a Cell
You can select any cell
by entering its cell
reference, such as b4, in
the Name box on the left
side of the formula bar.
To enter data into a cell, you fi rst must select it. The easiest way to select a cell (make
it active) is to use the mouse to move the block plus sign mouse pointer to the cell and
then click.
An alternative method is to use the arrow keys that are located just to the right of
the typewriter keys on the keyboard. An arrow key selects the cell adjacent to the active
cell in the direction of the arrow on the key.
You know a cell is selected, or active, when a heavy border surrounds the cell and the
active cell reference appears in the Name box on the left side of the formula bar. Excel also
changes the active cell’s column heading and row heading to a gold color.
Entering Text
In Excel, any set of characters containing a letter, hyphen (as in a telephone number), or
space is considered text. Text is used to place titles, such as worksheet titles, column titles,
and row titles, on the worksheet.
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