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EX 16
Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Select titles and subtitles for the worksheet.
As previously stated, worksheet titles and subtitles should be as brief and meaningful as
possible. As shown in Figure 1–18, the worksheet title, Walk and Rock Music, identifi es the
company for whom the worksheet is being created in Chapter 1. The worksheet subtitle,
First Quarter Rock-It MP3 Sales, identifi es the type of report.
Determine the contents of rows and columns.
As previously mentioned, rows typically contain information that is similar to items in a list.
For the Walk and Rock Music sales data, the list of product types meets this criterion. It is
more likely that in the future, the company will add more product types as opposed to more
regions. Each product type, therefore, should be placed in its own row. The row titles in
column A (Video, Mini, Micro, Flash, Accessories, and Total) identify the numbers in each row.
Columns typically contain descriptive information about items in rows or contain
information that helps to group the data in the worksheet. In the case of the Walk and
Rock Music sales data, the regions classify the sales of each product type. The regions,
therefore, are placed in columns. The column titles in row 3 (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest,
South, West, and Total) identify the numbers in each column.
Figure 1–18
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