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Entering Text EX 17
To Enter the Worksheet Titles
The following steps show how to enter the worksheet titles in cells A1 and A2. Later in this chapter, the
worksheet titles will be formatted so they appear as shown in Figure 1–18.
Click cell A1 to make cell A1 the
active cell (Figure 1–19).
heavy border
indicates cell
A1 selected
Figure 1–19
Type Walk and Rock Music in cell
A1, and then point to the Enter box
in the formula bar.
Why did the appearance of the
formula bar change?
Excel displays the title in the
formula bar and in cell A1. When
you begin typing a cell entry, Excel
displays two additional boxes in the
formula bar: the Cancel box and the
Enter box. Clicking the Enter box
completes an entry. Clicking the
C ancel box cancels an entry.
Cancel box
Enter box
text displayed in
formula bar
ScreenTip identifi es
box to which mouse
pointer is pointing
text in active cell
overfl ows into
adjacent cells
to right
What is the vertical line in cell A1?
In Figure 1–20, the text in cell A1 is
followed by the insertion point. The
insertion point is a blinking vertical
line that indicates where the next
typed character will appear.
Figure 1–20
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