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EX 18
Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Click the Enter box to complete the
entry and enter the worksheet title
in cell A1 (Figure 1–21).
Enter box and
Cancel box no
longer displayed
Figure 1–21
Click cell A2 to select it.
Type First Quarter Rock-It
MP3 Sales as the cell entry.
Click the Enter box to complete
the entry and enter the worksheet
subtitle in cell A2 (Figure 1–22).
subtitle entered
into cell A2
Figure 1–22
Other Ways
1. To complete entry, click
any cell other than
active cell
2. To complete entry, press
3. To complete entry, press
DOWN , or END key
Entering Text in a Cell
When you complete a text entry into a cell, a series of events occurs. First, Excel
positions the text left-aligned in the cell. Left-aligned means the cell entry is positioned
at the far left in the cell. Therefore, the W in the worksheet title, Walk and Rock Music,
begins in the leftmost position of cell A1.
Second, when the text is longer than the width of a column, Excel displays the
overfl ow characters in adjacent cells to the right as long as these adjacent cells contain
no data. In Figure 1–22, the width of cell A1 is approximately nine characters. The text
consists of 19 characters. Therefore, Excel displays the overfl ow characters from cell A1 in
cells B1 and C1, because cells B1 and C1 are empty. If cell B1 contained data, Excel would
hide the overfl ow characters, so that only the fi rst nine characters in cell A1 would appear
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