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Entering Text EX 19
on the worksheet. Excel stores the overfl ow characters in cell A1 and displays them in the
formula bar whenever cell A1 is the active cell.
Third, when you complete an entry by clicking the Enter box, the cell in which the
text is entered remains the active cell.
Correcting a Mistake while Typing
If you type the wrong letter and notice the error before clicking the Enter box or
pressing the ENTER key, use the BACKSPACE key to delete all the characters back to and
including the incorrect letter. To cancel the entire entry before entering it into the cell,
click the Cancel box in the formula bar or press the ESC key. If you see an error in a cell
after entering the text, select the cell and retype the entry. Later in this chapter,
additional error-correction techniques are discussed.
When you fi rst install
Excel, the ENTER key not
only completes the entry,
but it also moves the
selection to an adjacent
cell. You can instruct
Excel not to move the
selection after pressing
the ENTER key by clicking
the Excel Options
button on the Offi ce
Button menu, clicking
the Advanced option,
removing the checkmark
from the ‘After pressing
Enter, move selection’
check box, and then
clicking the OK button.
The AutoCorrect feature of Excel works behind the scenes, correcting common
mistakes when you complete a text entry in a cell. AutoCorrect makes three types of
corrections for you:
Corrects two initial capital letters by changing the second letter to lowercase.
Capitalizes the fi rst letter in the names of days.
Replaces commonly misspelled words with their correct spelling. For example,
it will change the misspelled word recieve to receive when you complete the entry.
AutoCorrect will correct the spelling of hundreds of commonly misspelled words
To Enter Column Titles
To enter the column titles in row 3, select the appropriate cell and then enter the text. The following steps
enter the column titles in row 3.
Click cell B3 to make
cell B3 the active cell
(Figure 1–23).
active cell
reference in
Name box
changes to B3
B3 is
active cell
Figure 1–23
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