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Entering Text EX 21
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to enter the
remaining column titles in row 3;
that is, enter Southeast in cell C3,
Midwest in cell D3, South in cell E3,
West in cell F3, and Total in cell G3
(complete the last entry in cell G3 by
clicking the Enter box in the formula
bar) (Figure 1–26).
column titles
in cells
Figure 1–26
To Enter Row Titles
The next step in developing the worksheet for this project is to enter the row titles in column A. This process
is similar to entering the column titles. The following steps enter the row titles in the worksheet.
Click cell A4 to select it.
Type Video and then
press the DOWN ARROW
key to enter the row
title and make cell A5
the active cell
(Figure 1–27).
row title, Video,
entered in cell A4
A5 is
active cell
Figure 1–27
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