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Calculating a Sum
EX 25
To Sum a Column of Numbers
The following steps sum the numbers in column B.
Click cell B9 to make
it the active cell and
then point to the SUM
button on the Ribbon
(Figure 1–32).
Sum button
Home tab active
B9 is
active cell
Figure 1–32
Click the Sum
button on the Ribbon
to display =SUM(B4:
B8) in the formula
bar and in the active
cell B9 (Figure 1–33).
B4:B8 in parentheses
indicates range to
be summed
SUM function
in formula bar
How does Excel know
which cells to sum?
When you enter the
SUM function using
the Sum
selects what
it considers to be your
choice of the range
to sum. When
proposing the range to sum,
Excel fi rst looks for
a range of cells with
numbers above the
active cell and then
to the left. If Excel
proposes the wrong
range, you can correct
it by dragging through
the correct range before
pressing the ENTER key. You also can enter the correct
range by typing the beginning cell reference, a colon
(:), and the ending cell reference.
proposed range to
sum surrounded
by moving border
called marquee
SUM function
displayed in
active cell
Figure 1–33
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