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Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Release the mouse button to copy the
SUM function in cell B9 to the range
C9:F9 (Figure 1–37) and calculate the
sums in cells C9, D9, E9, and F9.
no transparent
blue background
for cell B9 because
it is active cell
What is the purpose of the Auto Fill
Options button?
When you copy one range to another,
Excel displays an Auto Fill Options
button (Figure 1–37). The Auto Fill
Options button allows you to choose
whether you want to copy the values
from the source area to the
destination area with formatting, without
formatting, or copy only the format.
To view the available fi ll options, click
the Auto Fill Options button. The
Auto Fill Options button disappears
when you begin another activity.
heavy border
and transparent
blue background
indicate range B9:
F9 remains selected
Auto Fill Options
button remains on
screen until you
begin next activity
SUM function
assigned to cell
SUM function
assigned to cell
SUM function
assigned to cell
SUM function
assigned to cell
Figure 1–37
Other Ways
1. Select source area, click Copy
button on Ribbon, select
destination area, click Paste
button on Ribbon
2. Right-click source area, click
Copy on shortcut menu,
right-click destination area,
click Paste on shortcut menu
3. Select source area and then
point to border of range;
while holding down CTRL
key, drag source area to
destination area
To Determine Multiple Totals at the Same Time
The next step in building the worksheet is to determine the quarterly sales for each product type and total
quarterly sales for the company in column G. To calculate these totals, you can use the SUM function much as it was
used to total the quarterly sales by region in row 9. In this example, however, Excel will determine totals for all of
the rows at the same time. The following steps illustrate this process.
Click cell G4 to make it the active
cell (Figure 1–38).
mouse pointer is
block plus sign
G4 is
active cell
Figure 1–38
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