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Formatting the Worksheet EX 39
Click 14 in the Font Size list to
change the font in cell A2 from
11 point to 14 point (Figure 1–55).
font in active cell
A2 is 14-point
Cambria bold
Can I assign a font size that is not in
the Font Size list?
Yes. An alternative to clicking a font
size in the Font Size list is to click the
Font Size box, type the font size, and
then press the ENTER key. This
procedure allows you to assign a font size
not available in the Font Size list to
a selected cell entry.
font changes
from 11 point
to 14 point
Figure 1–55
Other Ways
1. Click Increase Font Size
button or Decrease Font
Size button on Ribbon
2. Select font size from Font
Size list on Mini toolbar
3. Right-click cell, click Format
Cells on shortcut menu,
click Font tab, select font
size in Size box, click OK
To Change the Font Color of a Cell Entry
The next step is to change the color of the font in cell A2 from black to dark blue. The following steps change
the font color of a cell entry.
With cell A2 selected, click the Font
Color button arrow on the Ribbon to
display the Font Color palette.
Font Color
button arrow
live preview of
font color in
active cell A2
is dark blue
Point to Dark Blue, Text 2 (dark blue
color in column 4, row 1) in the
Theme Colors area of the Font Color
palette to see a live preview of the
font color in cell A2 (Figure 1–56).
desired font
color is dark blue
(column 4, row 1)
Font Color
Point to several other colors in the
Font Color palette to see a live preview
of other font colors in cell A2.
Which colors does Excel make
available on the Font Color palette?
You can choose from more than 60 different font colors on the Font Color palette (Figure 1–56).
Your Font Color palette may have more or fewer colors, depending on color settings of your
operating system. The Theme Colors area includes colors that are included in the current
workbook’s theme.
Figure 1–56
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