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Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Click Dark Blue, Text 2 (column 4,
row 1) on the Font Color palette to
change the font of the worksheet
subtitle in cell A2 from black to
dark blue (Figure 1–57).
Font Color button
changes to refl ect
selected color
Why does the Font Color button
change after I select the new
font color?
When you choose a color on the
Font Color palette, Excel changes
the Font Color button on the
Formatting toolbar to the chosen
color. Thus, to change the font
color of the cell entry in another
cell to the same color, you need
only to select the cell and then click the
Font Color button.
font color in
active cell A2
is dark blue
Figure 1–57
Other Ways
1. Select font color from Font
Color list on Mini toolbar
2. Right-click cell, click Format
Cells on shortcut menu,
click Font tab, select color
on Font Color palette, click
OK button
To Center Cell Entries across Columns by Merging Cells
The fi nal step in formatting the worksheet title and subtitle is to center them across columns A through
G. Centering a title across the columns used in the body of the worksheet improves the worksheet’s appearance.
To do this, the seven cells in the range A1:G1 are combined, or merged, into a single cell that is the width of the
columns in the body of the worksheet. The seven cells in the range A2:G2 also are merged in a similar manner.
Merging cells involves creating a single cell by combining two or more selected cells. The following steps center
the worksheet title and subtitle across columns by merging cells.
Select cell A1 and then drag to cell
G1 to highlight the range A1:G1
(Figure 1–58).
What if a cell in the range B1:G1
contained data?
For the Merge and Center button
to work properly, all the cells except
the leftmost cell in the selected
range must be empty.
A1 is
active cell
Figure 1–58
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