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Formatting the Worksheet EX 43
Click the Heading 3 cell style to
apply the cell style to the range
Cell Styles
Click cell A9 and then drag the
mouse pointer to cell G9 to select
the range A9:G9.
Point to the Cell Styles button on
the Ribbon (Figure 1–63).
Heading 3 cell
style applied to
range A3:G3
Why should I choose Heading 3
instead of another heading
cell style?
Excel includes many types of
headings, such as Heading 1 and
Heading 2, because worksheets
often include many levels of
headings above columns. In the case of
the worksheet created for this
project, the Heading 3 title includes
formatting that makes the column
titles’ font size smaller than the
title and subtitle and makes the
column title stand out from the
data in the body of the worksheet.
Figure 1–63
Click the Cell Styles button on the
Ribbon to display the Cell Styles
gallery and then click the Total cell style
in the Titles and Headings area to
apply the Total cell style to the cells
in the range A9:G9.
Click cell A11 to select the cell
(Figure 1–64).
Total cell style
applied to
range A9:G9
A11 is
active cell
Figure 1–64
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