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Using the Name Box to Select a Cell
EX 47
Using the Name Box to Select a Cell
The next step is to chart the quarterly sales for the fi ve product types sold by the company.
To create the chart, you must select the cell in the upper-left corner of the range to chart
(cell A3). Rather than clicking cell A3 to select it, the next section describes how to use the
Name box to select the cell.
To Use the Name Box to Select a Cell
As previously noted, the Name box is located on the left side of the formula bar.
To select any cell, click the Name box and enter the cell reference of the cell you want to
select. The following steps select cell A3.
Click the Name box
in the formula bar
and then type a3
as the cell to select
(Figure 1–71).
Why is cell A11 still
Even though cell A11
is the active cell, Excel
displays the typed cell
reference a3 in the
Name box until you
press the ENTER key.
a3 typed in
Name box
A11 is
active cell
Figure 1–71
Press the ENTER key to
change the active cell
from A11 to cell A3
(Figure 1–72).
A3 is
active cell
Figure 1–72
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