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Adding a 3-D Clustered Column Chart to the Worksheet EX 49
Adding a 3-D Clustered Column Chart to
the Worksheet
As outlined in the requirements document in Figure 1–2 on page EX 4, the worksheet
should include a 3-D Clustered Column chart to graphically represent quarterly sales for
each product type that the company sells. The 3-D Clustered Column chart shown in
Figure 1–73 is called an embedded chart because it is drawn on the same worksheet as
the data.
3-D Clustered
Column chart
columns developed
from values in
each color represents
a row (product type)
in worksheet
chart scale
along y-axis
represents 0
Figure 1–73
The chart uses different colored columns to represent sales for different product
types. Each region uses the same color scheme for identifying product types, which allows
for easy identifi cation and comparison. For the Northeast sales region, for example, the
dark blue column representing Video products shows quarterly sales of $66,145.15; for
the Southeast sales region, the maroon column representing Mini products shows
quarterly sales of $82,937.72; for the Midwest sales region, the pale green column
representing Micro products shows quarterly sales of $88,294.78; for the South sales region, the
violet column representing Flash products shows quarterly sales of $69,737.51; and for
the West sales region, the light blue column representing Accessories shows quarterly
sales of $46,321.88. Because the same color scheme is used in each region to represent the
fi ve product types, you easily can compare sales of product types among the sales regions.
The totals from the worksheet are not represented, because the totals are not in the range
specifi ed for charting.
Cell Values and
When you change a cell
value on which a chart is
dependent, Excel redraws
the chart instantaneously,
unless automatic
recalculation is disabled.
If automatic recalculation
is disabled, then you
must press the F 9 key
to redraw the chart.
To enable or disable
automatic recalculation,
click the Calculations
Options button on the
Formulas tab on the
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