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Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Excel derives the chart scale based on the values in the worksheet and then displays
the scale along the vertical axis (also called the y-axis or value axis ) of the chart. For
example, no value in the range B4:F8 is less than 0 or greater than $100,000.00, so the
scale ranges from 0 to $100,000.00. Excel also determines the $10,000.00 increments of
the scale automatically. For the numbers along the y-axis, Excel uses a format that includes
representing the 0 value with a dash (Figure 1–73 on the previous page).
To Add a 3-D Clustered Column Chart to the Worksheet
The commands to insert a chart are located on the Insert tab. With the range to chart selected, you click the
Column button on the Ribbon to initiate drawing the chart. The area on the worksheet where the chart appears is
called the chart location. As shown in Figure 1–73, the chart location in this worksheet is the range A11:G22,
immediately below the worksheet data.
The following steps draw a 3-D Clustered Column chart that compares the quarterly sales by product type for
the fi ve sales regions.
Click cell A3 and
then drag the mouse
pointer to the cell F8
to select the range
A3:F8 (Figure 1–74).
Figure 1–74
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