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Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
To Print a Worksheet
With the completed worksheet saved, you may want to print it. The following steps print the worksheet in the
saved Walk and Rock Music 1st Quarter Sales workbook.
Click the Offi ce
Button to display the
Offi ce Button menu.
Offi ce Button
Point to Print on the
Offi ce Button menu
to display
the Print
(Figure 1–86).
Offi ce
Figure 1–86
Click Quick Print on
the Print submenu to
print the document
(Figure 1-87).
Can I print my
document in black
and white to conserve
ink or toner?
Yes. Click the Offi ce
Button and then
click the Excel
Options button on
the Offi ce Button
menu. When the
Excel Options dialog
box is displayed, click
Advanced, scroll to
the Print area, place
a check mark in the
Use draft
quality check box if it is
displayed, and then
click the OK button.
Click the Offi ce
Button, point to
Print, and then click
Quick Print.
Figure 1–87
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + P , press ENTER
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