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EX 69
To Quit Excel
Quitting Excel
Do not forget to remove
your USB fl ash drive
from the USB port after
quitting Excel, especially
if you are working in a
laboratory environment.
Nothing can be more
frustrating than leaving
all of your hard work
behind on a USB fl ash
drive for the next user.
The following steps quit Excel.
1 Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar to quit Excel.
If necessary, click the No button in the Microsoft Offi ce Excel dialog box so that any changes
you have made are not saved.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you have learned about the Excel window, how to enter text and numbers to create a worksheet, how
to select a range, how to use the Sum button, save a workbook, format cells, insert a chart, print a worksheet, quit
Excel, and use Excel Help. The items listed below include all the new Excel skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Start Excel (EX 6)
2. Enter the Worksheet Titles (EX 17)
3. Enter Column Titles (EX 19)
4. Enter Row Titles (EX 21)
5. Enter Numbers (EX 23)
6. Sum a Column of Numbers (EX 25)
7. Copy a Cell to Adjacent Cells in a Row (EX 27)
8. Determine Multiple Totals at the Same Time
(EX 28)
9. Save a Workbook (EX 30)
10. Change a Cell Style (EX 35)
11. Change the Font Type (EX 36)
12. Bold a Cell (EX 38)
13. Increase the Font Size of a Cell Entry (EX 38)
14. Change the Font Color of a Cell Entry (EX 39)
15. Center Cell Entries across Columns by Merging
Cells (EX 40)
16. Format Column Titles and the Total Row (EX 42)
17. Format Numbers in the Worksheet (EX 44)
18. Adjust the Column Width (EX 46)
19. Use the Name Box to Select a Cell (EX 47)
20. Add a 3-D Clustered Column Chart to the
Worksheet (EX 50)
21. Change Document Properties (EX 55)
22. Save an Existing Workbook with the Same File
Name (EX 58)
23. Print a Worksheet (EX 58)
24. Quit Excel (EX 59)
25. Open a Workbook from Excel (EX 60)
26. Use the AutoCalculate Area to Determine a
Maximum (EX 62)
27. Clear Cell Entries Using the Fill Handle (EX 66)
28. Clear Cell Entries Using the Shortcut Menu
(EX 66)
29. Clear Cell Entries Using the DELETE Key (EX 66)
30. Clear Cell Entries and Formatting Using the Clear
Button (EX 66)
31. Clear Formatting Using the Cell Styles Button
(EX 66)
32. Clear the Entire Worksheet (EX 66)
33. Delete an Embedded Chart (EX 67)
34. Search for Excel Help (EX 67)
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assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
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