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EX 80
Excel Chapter 1 Creating a Worksheet and an Embedded Chart
Cases and Places continued
•• 3: Create a 3-D Pie Chart to Analyze Quarterly Revenue
In-the-Villa DVD Rental is a DVD movie rental store. The owner of the store is trying to decide if
it is feasible to hire more employees during certain times of the year. You have been asked to develop
a worksheet totaling all the revenue received last year by quarter. The revenue per quarter is: Quarter 1,
$52,699.23; Quarter 2, $111,244.32; Quarter 3, $70,905.03; and Quarter 4, $87,560.10. Create a 3-D
Pie chart to illustrate quarterly revenue contribution by quarter. Use the AutoCalculate area to fi nd the
average, maximum, and minimum quarterly revenue and manually enter them and their corresponding
identifi ers in an empty area of the worksheet.
•• 4: Design and Create a Workbook to Analyze Your Field of Interest
Make It Personal
Based on your college major, area of interest, or career, use an Internet search engine or other
research material to determine the total number of people employed in your chosen fi eld of interest
in the country over the past fi ve years. For each year, break the yearly number down into two or
more categories. For example, the number for each year can be broken into management and
nonmanagement employees. Create an Excel worksheet that includes this data. Place the data in
appropriate rows and columns for each year and category. Create totals for each row, totals for each
column, and a grand total. Format the worksheet title, column headings, and data using the concepts
presented in this chapter. Create a properly formatted 3-D Clustered Cone chart for the data and place
it below the data in the worksheet. Make certain that years are on the X axis and number of employees
is on the Y axis.
•• 5: Design and Create a Workbook to Analyze Your School
Working Together
Visit the registrar’s offi ce at your school and obtain data, such as age, gender, and full-time versus
part-time status, for the students majoring in at least six different academic departments this semester.
Have each member of your team divide the data into different categories. For example, separate the
data by:
1. Age, divided into four different age groups
2. Gender, divided into male and female
3. Status, divided into full-time and part-time
After coordinating the data as a group, have each member independently use the concepts and
techniques presented in this chapter to create a worksheet and appropriate chart to show the total
students by characteristics by academic department. As a group, critique each worksheet and have each
member modify his or her worksheet based on the group recommendations.
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