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Application Software
Application software consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or
assist them with personal tasks. Some widely used application software includes Web browsers,
personal information managers, project management, accounting, computer-aided design,
desktop publishing, paint/image editing, audio and video editing, multimedia authoring, Web page
authoring, personal finance, legal, tax preparation, home design/landscaping, educational,
reference, and entertainment (games, simulations, etc.). Often, application software is available for
purchase from a Web site or store that sells computer products (Figure 28).
Personal computer users regularly use application software. Some of the more commonly used
applications are word processing, electronic spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics.
W ORD P ROCESSING Word processing software (Figure 29) is used to create, edit, format,
and print documents. A key advantage of word processing software is that users easily can make
changes in documents, such as correcting spelling; changing margins; and adding, deleting, or
relocating entire paragraphs. These changes would be difficult and time consuming to make
using manual methods such as a typewriter. With a word processor, documents can be printed
quickly and accurately and easily stored on a disk for future use. Word processing software is
oriented toward working with text, but word processing packages also support features that enable
users to manipulate numeric data and utilize graphics.
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Word Processing
S PREADSHEET Electronic spreadsheet softwar e (Figure 30) allows the user to add, subtract,
and perform user-defined calculations on rows and columns of numbers. These numbers can be
changed, and the spreadsheet quickly recalculates the new results. Electronic spreadsheet
software eliminates the tedious recalculations required with manual methods. Spreadsheet
information frequently is converted into a graphic form, such as charts. Graphics capabilities now are
included in most spreadsheet packages.
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Spreadsheet Software.
FIGURE 28 Stores
that sell computer
products have shelves
stocked with software
for sale.
FIGURE 29 Word processing
software is used to create letters,
memos, newsletters, and other documents.
FIGURE 30 Electronic spreadsheet software frequently
is used by people who work with numbers. The user enters
the data and the formulas to be used on the data, and the
computer calculates the results.
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