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EX 93
To Enter Formulas Using Point Mode
The sketch of the worksheet in Figure 2–3 on page EX 85 calls for the current value, gain/loss, and percent
gain/loss of each stock to appear in columns H, I, and J respectively. All three of these values are calculated using
formulas in row 4:
Current Value (cell H4) = Shares
Current Price Per Share or =D4*G4
Gain/Loss (cell I4) = Current Value – Initial Cost or H4-F4
Percent Gain/Loss (cell J4) = Gain/Loss / Initial Cost or I4/F4
An alternative to entering the formulas in cells H4, I4, and J4 using the keyboard is to enter the formulas
using the mouse and Point mode. Point mode allows you to select cells for use in a formula by using the mouse. The
following steps enter formulas using Point mode.
With cell H4 selected, type = (equal
sign) to begin the formula and
then click cell D4 to add a
reference to cell D4 to the formula
(Figure 2–7).
cell reference D4
appended to formula
marquee surrounds
selected cell D4
Figure 2–7
Type * (asterisk) and then click
cell G4 to add a multiplication
operator and reference to cell G4
to the formula (Figure 2–8).
border of cell and
its cell reference
in formulas are
colored blue
formula appears
in formula bar
marquee surrounds
selected cell G4
cell reference G4
appended to formula
Figure 2–8
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 93
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 93
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