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EX 95
To Copy Formulas Using the Fill Handle
The four formulas for Apple Computers in cells F4, H4, I4, and J4 now are complete. You could enter the
same four formulas one at a time for the eight remaining stocks. A much easier method of entering the formulas,
however, is to select the formulas in row 4 and then use the fi ll handle to copy them through row 12. Recall from
Chapter 1 that the fi ll handle is a small rectangle in the lower-right corner of the active cell or active range. The
following steps copy the formulas using the fi ll handle.
Select cell F4 and then point to
the fi ll handle.
Drag the fi ll handle down through
cell F12 and continue to hold the
mouse button to select the
destination range (Figure 2–11).
source area is cell F4
initial location
of fi ll handle
destination area
range F5:F12
fi ll handle dragged
through cell F12
Figure 2–11
Release the mouse button to copy
the formula in cell F4 to the cells
in the range F5:F12.
Select the range
H4:J4 and then point to the fi ll
handle (Figure 2–12).
initial costs of
individual stocks
range H4:J4 selected
as source area
Auto Fill Options
button appears
after copying cell F4
to range F5:F12
Figure 2–12
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 95
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 95
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