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Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions EX 101
To Determine the Highest Number in a Range of Numbers Using the Insert
Function Box
The next step is to select cell D15 and determine the highest (maximum) number in the range D4:D12.
Excel has a function called the MAX function that displays the highest value in a range. Although you could
enter the MAX function using the keyboard and Point mode as described in the previous steps, an alternative
method to entering the function is to use the Insert Function box in the formula bar, as performed in the
following steps.
Select cell D15.
Or select a
category box
Insert Function
dialog box
Search for a
function box
Click the Insert Function box in the
formula bar to display the Insert
Function dialog box.
When Excel displays the Insert
Function dialog box, click MAX
in the ‘Select a function list’
(Figure 2–19).
Insert Function box
MAX selected in
Select a function list
OK button
Help on this
function link
equal sign
inserted in active
cell and formula bar
Figure 2–19
Click the OK button.
Function Arguments
dialog box
range typed in
Number 1 box
Dialog button
When Excel displays the Function
Arguments dialog box, type
d4:d12 in the Number 1 box
(Figure 2–20).
Why did numbers appear in the
Function Arguments dialog box?
As shown in Figure 2–20, Excel
displays the value the MAX function
will return to cell D15 in the
Function Arguments dialog box. It also
lists the fi rst few numbers in the
selected range, next to the
Number 1 box.
fi rst few numbers
in selected range
result of function
OK button
Help on this
function link
last part of function
appears in active cell
Figure 2–20
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 101
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 101
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