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EX 104
Excel Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
Click the Enter box to determine
the lowest value in D4:D12 and
display the result in the formula
bar and in cell D14 (Figure 2–25).
How can I use other functions?
Excel has more than 400 additional
functions that perform just about
every type of calculation you can
imagine. These functions are
categorized in the Insert Function
dialog box shown in Figure 2–19
on page EX 101. To view the
categories, click the ‘Or select a
category‘ box arrow. To obtain a
description of a selected function,
select its name in the Insert
Function dialog box. Excel displays
the description of the function
below the Select a function list in
the dialog box.
MIN function
determines lowest
value in range D4:D12
result of MIN function
appears in cell
Figure 2–25
Other Ways
1. Click Insert Function box
in formula bar, click MIN
2. Click Formulas tab on
Ribbon, click AutoSum
button, click Min function
3. Type =MIN in cell
To Copy a Range of Cells across Columns to an Adjacent Range Using the Fill Handle
The next step is to copy the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN functions in the range D14:D16 to the adjacent
range E14:J16. The following steps use the fi ll handle to copy the functions.
Select the
range D14:D16.
copy range D14:D16
Drag the fi ll handle
in the lower-right
corner of the
selected range
through cell J16 and
continue to hold
down the mouse
button (Figure 2–26).
fi ll handle dragged
to select destination
area, range E14:J16
mouse pointer
Figure 2–26
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